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SAT / ACT Camp

Course Description

Our SAT/ACT Summer Camp is taught by an instructional team with over 15 years of expertise in standardized tests, with 80% of student scores exceeding 1500. We provide more than 70 real tests and regularly update our digital SAT exams. Our comprehensive resources include easy, medium, and difficult level books. We also offer supervised group reviews for resolving knowledge gaps.


What To Expect

Level Testing

Our Level Test evaluates students' knowledge in SAT/ACT and other subjects. With Easy, Medium, and Hard levels, it precisely assesses proficiency and identifies areas for improvement. We use this level test to acquire immediate feedback about where your student currently is compared to where they’d like to be academically. This feedback helps enhance performance and guide future success.


Our SAT/ACT Summer Camp typically starts around June 28th and runs through August 23rd. Camp days start at 8:30 AM and run through 2:30 PM. In addition, we have extended study hours until 5:00 PM.

Biweekly, we travel as a group to conduct college tours. We also take practice exams on a biweekly basis.

Click the PDF to see a prior year's schedule (opens in a new tab).

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my child take the SAT or ACT?

The first step to deciding between the ACT and SAT is to take two level tests and see which standardized test fits your strengths and preferences. The ACT generally emphasizes content-based questions and includes a science section, while the SAT focuses more on reasoning and critical thinking with an optional essay. Consider your aptitudes in math, English, and science, as well as your test-taking style. Take practice tests for both exams to gauge your comfort and performance, and research the requirements of the colleges you're interested in to see if they have a preference. Ultimately, choose the test that aligns with your strengths and offers the best opportunity for you to showcase your abilities to prospective colleges. ​ C2A offers updated practice tests and over 15 years of experience in test prep; in an ever-changing college admissions world, we're proud to help your student navigate the stress of test-taking strategies and studying.

My child is applying to a school where the SAT is optional. Should they take it?

If your student has a strong practice SAT score, yes! You should also consider these very important factors, though: ​ The trend of universities making the SAT optional in their admissions process is increasing. This change is driven by the intention of these institutions to consider a wide range of factors when evaluating students' abilities and potential. While the SAT scores are still considered a useful metric and a good tool to assess students' academic abilities and skills, applicants are now required to submit various other elements along with their college applications. These additional elements include GPA, academic achievements, extracurricular activities (such as participation in educational programs and volunteer work), essays, and more.  It is crucial for universities to comprehensively evaluate these factors to understand the diverse abilities and potential of the students. Especially in highly competitive universities like Ivy League schools, all these aspects are taken into account when selecting students. Therefore, while SAT scores remain an important factor in applying to Ivy League universities, applicants must put in effort to achieve well-rounded excellence. C2A can help your student blend their strengths harmoniously, emphasizing their abilities through and beyond their standardized test scores!

What is the tuition for the ACT/SAT Camp?

Pricing differs yearly. C2A prides itself on adapting our curriculum and coursework in our ACT/SAT camp to best match onto the current year's testing expectations.


To get an estimate, please schedule a call with C2A's founder!

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