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Private Tutoring

Course Description

Our 1:1 tutoring offers assistance in science, mathematics, and all subjects. We provide tutoring services both online and in-person, and our schedules are flexible to accommodate your student's needs.


What To Expect


Our private, 1:1 tutoring is built to be flexible. We cover a variety of subjects, and specialize in difficult subjects such as Math (pre-calculus, calculus, AP Calc) and Science (chemistry, physics, biology).

Click the PDF to see a prior year's schedule (opens in a new tab).

Tutoring Subjects

Frequently Asked Questions

How is C2A's private tutoring different than other academies?

There are many differences from other academies. First, our teachers persist. With low turnover, consistent teacher-tutor relationships leads to better results. The second reason is the location. It's easy to use in the city because it's next to the train station. With this location, students can enter and exit freely to work around their busy schedules. Lastly, we pride ourselves on our well-rounded curriculum; students don't come just to learn, but to grow as problem-solvers and leaders.

Does C2A also offer college essay review?

Yes! Please see our College Essay course page for more.

What is the tuition for private tutoring?

Private tutoring can be bought either in a package or individual sessions. Pricing changes accordingly.


To get an estimate and learn about the best active promotions, please schedule a call with C2A's founder!

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