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Course Description

Our Engineering program encompasses robotics, coding, and Engineering Math, offering comprehensive classes that cover the fundamentals of engineering. Students from 8th to 12th grade can participate and learn various subjects such as physics, mathematics, problem-solving, and engineering-oriented approaches to finding solutions.


What To Expect


Engineering courses happen in multi-hour blocks during weekdays. These classes include projects, 3D rendering, and lead up to a final design project where the student culminates their knowledge to create a rendered object of their own.

Click the PDF to see a prior year's schedule (opens in a new tab).

Coding courses often happen in conjunction with Engineering, covering programming language fundamentals and culminating in a self-guided final project.

Frequently Asked Questions

My student has no experience in coding. Can they attend C2A's Engineering and Coding program?

Yes! We do not immediately judge students by their achievements and actions, but look at them positively, and have values that all students' development and growth continue to think through the process. We value healthy communication with children and always try to have a good relationship. This develops into a productive learning experience, regardless of experience level.

What is the tuition for the Engineering course?

Pricing differs seasonally, depending on promotions and coursework.

To get an estimate, please schedule a call with C2A's founder!

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