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About C2A

At A Glance

1 on 1 Attention

We know every learner is different. That’s why C2A works individually with students to foster active learning, regardless of subject or level.

Holistic Wellness

From test-taking strategies to time-management skills, C2A knows that academic brilliance can only come from emotional balance.


With New York certified instructors and a 1:3 student-teacher ratio, C2A Campus has the instructional quality your student deserves.

Our Values



The one constant for excellence in any topic, subject, or domain is consistency; so, how do we keep our students to study consistently?

At C2A, we keep students accountable by regularly engaging in 1:1 conversations and goal-planning. During homework, our SAT/ACT camps, or any other course, students learn to study independently and manage their time efficiently.

Problem Solving

Algebra can be difficult, but your student won't be in school forever. We prepare your child to solve problems both in academics and in life.

By encouraging students to face their problems, we help them analyze patterns, errors, and strengths; doing so gives our students the ability to  grow from their decisions.

Critical Thinking

A discipline in itself, students at C2A practice analyzing real-world problems to identify and address underlying causes of an issue.


Highly generalizable to real life, students are more prepared to enter the world and solve problems creatively.


At C2A, we believe that leadership is not just a title; it's a mindset and a set of essential skills that can be nurtured and developed. Through debates and class discussions, students learn to communicate effectively.

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