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AP Classes

Course Description

We offer the most challenging and vital AP classes total among 38. Our team consists of specialized instructors for AP Chemistry, Biology, Physics AB/C, Calculus AB/BC, and more. With systemic 1:1 tutoring and flexible scheduling, students can excel in their studies.

School Schedule

What To Expect


AP Course programs run through the school year, with a heavy emphasis on boosting the student through Fall semester. Different AP Courses have difference schedules, but typically run from the beginning of September through the end of November. 

Click the PDF for a prior year's AP schedule (opens in a new tab).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to take the AP Classes?

AP Classes are higher difficulty and have a a limited number of courses. Students who take AP Class are taking preparatory classes that prepare them for college courses; thus, taking an AP course means more than just getting good grades. AP classes are important for college and to boost your student's admittance chances.

What is the tuition for the AP Class program?

Pricing differs yearly. C2A prides itself on adapting our curriculum and coursework in our AP Course programs to best match onto the current year's testing expectations.


To get an estimate, please schedule a call with C2A's founder!

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