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C2A Campus

Flushing's Premier Tutoring Academy

C2A is an after-school and private tutoring academy located in Flushing. We offer a wide array of services, including standardized test prep, individual tutoring, and subject-based homework assistance.


Registration for Summer Program is Closed
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Dive into the C2A Campus experience with a rigorous summertime program

The schedule will be re-open March 2025

C2A's Digital SAT Program is Here!

Welcome to our exclusive Digital SAT Summer Program!
This 8-week intensive course, running from July 1st to August 22nd, offers a unique opportunity to excel in your SAT preparation. Our meticulously crafted curriculum mirrors the College Board's Bluebook content, ensuring you receive high-quality, copyright-obtained test preparation.

Join us this summer for a transformative SAT journey!

C2A is more than
"just another academy"

At C2A, we believe success means more than getting your child’s GPA from C to A. We cultivate an environment where students flourish both intellectually and emotionally.

That means we do SAT/ACT test prep, homework help, essay tutoring, and more while teaching life skills like effective time management and managing stressors. Add learning those life-long skills onto a clean, spacious study environment immediately off of the Broadway train stop, and your child gets an extraordinarily enriching educational experience.

Learn about our holistic approach to education and the values that drive C2A's students to success.


At A Glance

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College Acceptance Rate

Academic Success at C2A

Uncover how we can support your child's growth!

Click each subject below to learn more.


Unlock a world of after-school excellence. Your membership provides your learner with unlimited printer access, open hours access to C2A’s clean and spacious study facilities, complimentary snacks and drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

With options tailored to fit your needs, we offer two exceptional membership tiers:

Pricing Breakdown

1 Month Membership

One month of unlimited access to our
enriching after-school programs and help services.

10 Month Membership

Secure your spot for an academic year and save big! Enjoy premium access while enjoying substantial savings.

Balance Success and Wellness at C2A!

Want to hear more about C2A's course offerings and unique teaching environment?

Schedule a meeting with C2A's founder below!
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